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Natural Eye Color Chart

Dat is a good list.

Thanks Livi! :D

I have a thing for badass ladies.

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RIP Mami. Yay Hermione though.

I don’t think you realize how many beheading jokes I get when I cosplay her XD

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Since no one is guessing and I’m heading to bed, here’s my top ten:

1. Maka Albarn

2. Soul Eater Evans

3. Mami Tomoe

4. Tris Prior

5. Jodie Holmes

6. Molly/Eva Wei

7. Sasha Braus

8. Hanji Zoe

9. Winry Rockbell

10. Hermione Granger

If anyone was wondering

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Harry Potter
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heard u were talkin’ shit about DWMA’s hottest and most badass duo 

ew okay obviously I dont draw males enough haha 

"We might be scared, but that’s what makes us stronger”

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fulltimegod sent:
Maka and Asuna maybe?

I love Asuna, but she is an honorable mention. AND OF COURSE MAKA IS ON THERE.

1. Maka Albarn